Chair of Urban Water Systems Engineering

Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Jörg E. Drewes

Welcome to the Chair of Urban Water Systems Engineering at the Technische Universität München. Our research activities are centered around sustainable, energy-efficient urban water and wastewater systems, energy recovery from wastewater and anaerobic technologies, storm water treatment and management, microbial systems, engineered natural treatment systems, advanced water treatment (membrane- and oxidation hybrid processes), water recycling, and state-of-the-art analytical tools for process control and water quality.



New Research Article by Bajón Fernández et al. 2019

Enhancing the anaerobic digestion process through carbon dioxide enrichment: initial insights into mechanisms of utilization[more]


New Research Article by Lahmouri et al. 2019

Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Centralized and Decentralized Water Reclamation with Resource Recovery Strategies in Leh Town, Ladakh, India, and Potential for Their Reduction in Context of the Water–Energy–Food Nexus[more]


New Research Article by Rommel et al. 2019

Spatial distribution of zinc in the topsoil of four vegetated infiltration swales treating zinc roof runoff[more]


New Research Article by Macintosh et al. 2019

Successful strategies for increasing energy self-sufficiency at Grüneck wastewater treatment plant in Germany by food waste co-digestion and improved aeration[more]

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